Teach Torah chanting Your Way

with Kol Kore - software that helps you get the most from your students.

What is Kol Kore?

Kol Kore is a multimedia tool specially designed for effectively teaching Torah chanting and T'filot. It combines YOUR voice and personal teaching style with advanced software technology to create the perfect teaching companion.

How does it work?

  • Record and edit the appropriate parsha or haftara in your own voice.
  • Store your recording on the Internet using space provided on Kol Kore's secure server.
  • Send an email to your student with a web link that enables him/her to download their personal Kol Kore program. The student edition contains their parsha reading in your voice and an on-screen Torah scroll.
  • Your recording integrates with the Torah scroll so that every recorded word is highlighted on screen in real time.
  • The on-screen Torah scroll features regular Hebrew print and Torah (S"Tam) letters, with or without vowels and Tropes, in different colors. With one click, you and your student can interchange between font, highlight and color options.
  • The student can repeat and practice any segment, of any size, as many times as necessary.

Why Kol Kore?

Kol Kore has benefited teachers and students all over the world.
Here's why:
  • Your teaching methods are enhanced, not replaced!
  • The student can access your voice whenever they need to.
  • Kol Kore makes it easy and fun to practice, so students practice more.
  • Kol Kore is effective for students who are musically challenged, and for students who are not very familiar with Hebrew.
  • Simultaneous English translation gives more meaning to the learning process.
  • Students practice with correct Hebrew pronunciation.
  • Kol Kore is completely adaptable to each student.
  • You and your students receive full technical support throughout the process.

See it. Hear it. Believe it!

Take advantage of Kol Kore's special offer
Pay for your first 3 Bne'i Mitzvah Students and receive a free Pro version for yourself for one year including the new online program
To keep the license you'll need 3 new students annually.


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